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Life Coaching and Hypnosis

Happiness/Career/Family/Balance/Health & Body/Communication/Relationship...


Life Coaching is a personal quest for self-development and personal growth. It is a process that allows the individual to find in themselves, their "True Me", to discover the strengths within themselves, to set actions to reach their goals, and ultimately live the life they have always wanted.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Enhance your Self
Design your Life
Build Your Future

Leverage awareness of inner identity, values and life purposes (achieving inner peace and harmony)

Develop Self-Confidence,  Improve relationship (Being, social skills, Know-how)
Increase ability to make decisions, Gain clarity on what is important and meaningful, … (moving forward in one's life)

Life coaching in key words: Intention, Motivation and Action! Be the CREATOR of your life!

Hypnosis, Aline's words: a powerful tandem as hypnotherapy brings "better-being" (healing wounds) and Life coaching guides towards "better-living" (personal development) ...

Hypnosis is a natural slightly altered state of consciousness (state between waking and sleeping) that the hypnotherapist helps to deepen to activate self-healing (psychological or emotional wounds, unhappiness,...). Hypnosis brings an efficient and fast solution to: anxiety, stress, phobias, insomnia, varied addictions, mourning process, etc... and brings inner peace, well-being, confidence, better-being,... Why efficient and fast: results will be seen after some sessions (1 to 2-3 sessions depending on problems) instead of months or years!
Hypnotherapy brings better-being and prepares "sound" foundation of our inner being (when requested), to optimize the life coaching journey promoting personal development. This is why hypnotherapy and life coaching are two different approaches however so complementary to promote your better-being and better-living!
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