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Solution Focused Coach

Goal Clarity/Action steps/Committment/Results/Reponsibility/Ownership/Celebration

Aline's coaching is oriented towards solutions and results. Each session with the client starts with one clear question or problem to solve, and will end with a clear answer, supported with action steps that the client will commit to do to achieve his/her goals.  Aline is a Professional Certified Coach (training program accredited by the International Coach Federation, ICF).

Humanist Hypnosis

The Humanist Hypnosis is the only “associated” hypnosis allowing the person to live consciously and actively her (his) hypnosis experience. The Humanist Hypnosis works both on therapy and psychotherapy, taking into consideration each individual psychology, personal life experiences, culture differences, (deep insight of the Self and relationships with others,…), helping then the person to make changes to go better and get rid off all recurrent treated problems for once.

The Humanist Hypnosis heals emotional wounds, releases psychological blockages, boosts learning, creativity, performance, achieve the best of one's Self, one’s Higher Self,…

Aline is certified Practitioner level 2 at "Institut de Formation en Hypnose Ericksonienne et Humaniste (IFHE)", Paris.

OMNI Hypnosis (Elmanian)

The OMNI hypnosis (deep hypnosis, Elmanian) with its approach of direct suggestions to the Subconscious (unconscious memories of our life stories), allows to reach faster (7-10 minutes) very deep levels of trance and  then to work on positive changes desired by the client (loosing weight, stopping smoking or other addictions, releases negative emotions, boosts motivation, self-confidence, performance, achieving the better-being,...).

Aline is certified Practitioner of OMNI Hypnosis Training Center, Lausanne (first Iso 9001 certified hypnosis training worldwide).

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)

Aline works with NLP techniques when appropriate in coaching sessions. NLP is a set of tools and processes that allow the individual to improve his/her communication, relationships and be the change agent for their life. NLP is an approach for personal development and growth. 


Aline is a certified NLP Practitioner (IFPNL, Paris).

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