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Empowering your inner identity.
Enhance your Self
The Hypnosis & Coaching journey is an Odyssey of the Self, a personal quest of your "True Self" leading to well-being and better-living and in alignment with your values and your life purpose.
Design your Life
Build Your Future
Be the Creator of your own Future ...
Be the Actor of your dream Life ...
Hypnosis & Coaching is about CHANGE. These two different approaches helps you make changes in your life for better-being, better living and bringing your dreams into reality.
Personal development
Aline Oanh Juillerat - Hypno-Coaching
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Discover your Greatest Self ...

"We are all there for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future" - Robin S. Sharma

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Who is Aline Oanh Juillerat, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

With 20+ year-experience in human resources with international companies, Aline Oanh Juillerat has decided to pursue her own journey - that of life coaching. Aline is an Erickson Professional Coach, (coaching training program in Vancouver-Canada, accredited by The International Coach Federation, ICF). ICF is a worldwide professional organization promoting the Coaching profession and ensuring internationally recognized high standards of practice of Professional Coaching.


Aline's passion is to assist individuals with well-being and better-being (re. Hypnosis), with personal development (re. Coaching and NLP), to contribute to their happiness, and ultimately achieve their dreams, be it in life or at work. Aline's hypno-coaching helps to prepare a sound inner being  to make the shift from "Think" to "Act", creating the change and the desired difference for better.

How does Aline work

Aline uses one-on-one coaching to build a personal relationship with each client. Aline does this through personal goal setting, and harmonizing one's values with their "True Me". Various arrangements can be made with regards to meeting formats and frequency of sessions, depending on the client's situation and needs.


In addition being a "Solution Focused Coach", Aline is a certified Practitioner of Hypnosis (to activate self-healing when requested) and  Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Practitioner (see "My Techniques" section), and may use any of these techniques in her sessions, where appropriate, as per each person, with its personality and sensitivity.

 ... and Become this blossoming lotus flower, releasing the magic inner light.
Let your "True Self" be, 
Savor your gift of the present,
Nurture your dreams,
Live the life you always wanted,


Success is the key
Take your Key for Success...



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